Poll Time (28/6/17)

Business in the Local Area is……
How are we doing for you?
As we head towards elections, which party is looking good for your vote?
Has the MDBP plan done any good for locals?

Our question on business is because everyday we’re all down the shops shopping (with a touch of socialising) and all of us would know for fact how good or bad things are.

Our question on how we are doing is not for ego purposes but we have to know what people think, it is true it has opened up us to ridicule with the give up option but we have to know these things.

Elections are some time away but with State and Federal leaders under pressure in the media, we want to know if it is true we’re heading towards a change in power or is it just people rocking the boat for subscriber numbers?

The Murray Darling Basin Plan has been a newsmaker for some time now and the latest thought going around is that up and down the line it hasn’t really done anything, do you think it is true for Deniliquin?

Polls end on July 11, votes can be cast on the right hand side for computer users and the bottom for phone/tablet users.


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