The Great Rip Off

June 20 2017

For several weeks we’ve been going through all the historical offerings on eBay wondering what to buy and what to pass on.

Several photographs were seen for sale and interest in them rose until both Deniliquin History in Photos and ourselves realized that the photos selling for $8 and $6.50 apiece (example below) had something wrong.


We discovered that the above as well as several other ones could be looked at for free and even downloaded or printed from the online version of the State Library.

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence across the board as replica photos of events or celebrities are offered across thousands of pages and free applications like GIMP and Blender are sold on eBay for a couple of dollars when people could just download them for free.

So when looking online for historical items, make sure they are either the original item or that you are happy with a replica and check around to see if there is a free, legal version of the same item.


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