Pick 10 for funding chance

Edward River Council has 56 proposals for people in the Council area to consider being funded by the NSW Stronger Communities Fund.

Sadly all the proposals would cost around $20 million dollars to do and there is only 8.6 million dollars to play with so choices have to be made.

Residents have the opportunity to pick up to ten selections they think deserve to be funded.

One proposal that would be of interest to DNS readers is Proposal 52 which reads the following.

Project 52 – Council Pool – Multiply Uses and Increase Users
Pool Complex in Poictiers Street – Convert existing pool complex to indoor facility and add splash pool high quality facilities.
Estimated Cost: $2,000,000 (inc GST)

There are also proposals that concern roads and recycling, two issues that DNS readers feel very strongly about fixing and enacting.

But there is one potential drawback to everything, the most popular proposal is no guarantee of being funding as it comes down to the independently run Stronger Communities Fund Assessment Panel.

Don’t forget that Deniliquin now has to share funding with other towns as part of the Deniliquin Council and Conargo Shire merger so there is no certainty it will be a Deniliquin dominated outcome too.

To vote in the survey, please click here and if you want to read more about the proposals click here, voters have until 5pm on Friday June 9 to submit their answers.


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