Deni Speaks (29/5/17)

May 29 2017

In this edition of Deni Speaks, we posted four questions on our website for readers to answer and we can now discuss the outcome of the voting.

Questions asked

1. Deniliquin Swim Centre needs…..
2. Does Deniliquin need a Dog Park?
3. Does Deniliquin need Natural Gas?
4. Does Deniliquin need a Kmart


43% of residents think the Swim Centre should be a Splash Park, 32 think the pools need to be indoors like Echuca and 25% just want general upgrades and maintenance and 0% said they should leave it as it is.

64% of voters said that Deniliquin needs a Dog Park.

89% of voters said that Deniliquin needs Natural Gas.

74% of voters said that Deniliquin needs Kmart.


Whilst it was not a majority, a splash park seems to be on the minds of locals and as we all know the train is starting to make its way down the track to fruition but whether it will make it all the way is another question.

A Dog Park seems to be the easiest of all wants and needs as there is plenty of space for an enclosed space to safely walk dogs around and should not cost the ERC too much if they give it a shot.

Natural Gas will be a problem to achieve as one of our loyal readers has found out that it would be a massive expense to connect Deniliquin to Natural Gas and then the town would need qualified and accredited gas fitters to install the meters and the town would need to have trained repairers to fix gas leaks.

After all that it would cost $3000+ to have a house connected and then you got to have appliances to use Natural Gas and all of the above would scare people off.

Now to Kmart, the fact that 75% of locals who answered our question want Kmart serves as an indicator that Kmart has what Deniliquin hasn’t and a shrewd business should work double time to find out what Kmart has that Deniliquin shoppers want and bring it to their store because any attempt to bring Kmart to Deniliquin would be met with heavy resistance because of Kmart’s big range of stuff in the one place and a wise business wouldn’t want valuable dollars going elsewhere.

We’ll be back soon with a new edition of Deni Speaks.


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