The Deni Pokémon Wrap (23/5/17)

Pokémon Go

Nothing to report on Pokémon Go as few people are playing it now, local Pokémon group is at 177 members but we will continue to check for news.

Pokémon Shuffle News

Past and present locals are still making progress on Pokémon Shuffle though it is getting harder to catch the Pokémon that are defeated

As you know our two regular gamers Boony and Tiggy are racing each other on the mobile version of the game with Tiggy forging ahead of Boony who is up to Stage 202 whilst Tiggy has moved up one stage to Stage 260 and we will continue to follow the race as it progresses.

Stage 260 has the Psychic Pokémon Deoxys as the challenge whilst Stage 202 has the Dark Pokémon Weavile.

Tiggy has moved ahead of Boony on the Pokémon count with Tiggy leading with 206 Pokémon caught to Boony’s 203.

We will be back soon with a new edition of The Deni Pokémon Wrap.


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