1916 Postcard Update

We started looking for Carrigan Villa on the internet and was having no luck until we visited a site that archived newspapers online.

First we found plenty of mentions of Carrigan but all were about Carrigan Road in Warragoon.

We then chanced upon a September 1913 newspaper reporting on the sales of livestock and among all the people and locations stood out ‘G. Hetherington, Carrigan Villa, Deniliquin’ and with that it confirmed the place existed and potentially who owned the place.

Assuming the property did not change hands between 1913 and 1916 we now know who lived at Carrigan Villa.


We still don’t know who Connie is and we don’t know who the writer Jean Williamson is as the postcard had no return address or a description.

It has been a great journey learning about the writer and would of been receiver of the postcard, it also gave an insight into the war years and there is a new theory that it was not sent because it could be censored as the military wouldn’t want any potential spies knowing a bunch of Australians were going to France in 1917.

If we ever find out the answers to all our questions we will happily let you all know as we are all on this journey together.


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