The 1916 postcard

On December 22nd 1916 a postcard was written with the aim of it being sent to a place named ‘Carrigan Villa’ on the corner of Edward and George Street.

Edward must be Edwardes and that would put the place next to the Baptist Church.


The would of been recipient of the postcard was Connie and the writer was a Jean Williamson who wishes Connie a Happy Xmas and a prosperous new year as well as talking about an Albert who was on the Salisbury Plains and was going to France and Jean will send a longer letter next time.


The postcard was brought online for the picture of the bridge on the other side of the postcard as most postcards offered online are blank but this postcard has left us with questions

Who was Connie?
What was Carrigan Villa?
Did Albert come back from France?
Did Connie get a letter instead?
Is any of Connie’s relatives still in Deniliquin?

Does anyone have the answers to any of the above questions?

The reason why it wasn’t sent seems to be clear, there was no place to put the stamp without covering up the address plus the writing was overlapping but almost 101 years since this postcard was written it still has our attention and that is the power of history and curiosity.

EDIT: It is considered that what looked like a B is a C so what was considered to be Bonnie is Connie and Barrigan Villa is Carrigan Villa.


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