Deni Speaks (15/5/17)

May 15 2017

In this edition of Deni Speaks, we posted four questions on our website for readers to answer and we can now discuss the outcome of the voting.

Questions asked

1. How do you rate the local roads?
2. Would you use a Deni to Echuca hourly bus service?
3. Should Deniliquin have an Indoor Play Centre?
4. Would you use a Deniliquin to Echuca train service?


64% of voters said that local roads are ‘Terrible’, 29% said they thought the roads were ‘Good’ and 7% of voters said the roads were ‘Perfect’.

It was a tie on the question of whether or not people would use an hourly bus service between Deni and Echuca, this question shifted back and forth between yes and no before a late surge in voting tied things up.

80% of voters said they think Deniliquin should have an indoor play centre, this question has been a popular one for many residents for some time and the results back up their enthusiasm for such an attraction

81% said that they would use a Deniliquin to Echuca train service, this has been a decades long wish for residents who wish for the region to be reconnected to Victoria by rail.


Residents will be expecting the ERC to get a move along in making sure roads are relatively smooth and/or pothole free as residents are getting unhappy with conditions and the seemingly lack of service for their rates.

Whilst voters were split on the bus question, it may warrant further investigation particularly if it can be found to be viable and a stop gap until rail returns.

An indoor play centre would be majorly beneficial for the local area as its flexibility would allow locals and visitors to enjoy fun activities year round without worrying about wind, rain, hail or excessive heat.

The rail question deserves to be looked at a local, state and federal level it and would be a handy topic come election time as it would be a financial win to the area and both the state of NSW and Victoria, it has been far too long since Deniliquin has had the ability to buy one of these.

A new series of Polls are currently being thought of and we’ll be back with a new edition of Deni Speaks two weeks after polls commence.


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