Sports Talk (13/4/17)

April 13 2017

The season is now back in full swing and our local sides will be playing during this Easter period.


The Rams will be taking on Finley at home on Good Friday, all Netball teams are in action with the exception of the Under 17’s who get to put their feet up for Easter.

The Rovers are going over the border to face Yarroweyah on Saturday with the exception of C Reserve who just like the Rams Under 17’s get to stay home.

Yarroweyah for those who don’t know is about 8km to the west of Cobram, the population of the area according to the 2011 census is 528 people which makes it larger than places like Warragoon.

Online listings of games are notorious for listing teams playing at either the wrong times or being on the wrong courts so always be wary of that if you are checking them.


All Rams Football sides are playing their games at home for the first time this season.

All Rovers Football sides are playing at Yarroweyah in their first away trip this season.


Rams fans will be happy the team is playing on home turf for the first time this year and will be looking to see how the Senior and Reserves Football sides respond from their heavy losses last week against Nathalia.

Rovers Football sides won three out of four against Blighty and they are hoping have similar results or better against Yarroweyah.

Rams Netballers will no doubt be hoping to repeat their success on the previous round whilst the Rovers Netballers will be hoping for a winning weekend after losing four of their seven games last week to Blighty.

Sports Talk will be back on Saturday night with all the results from the games.


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