Deni Speaks (13/3/17)

In this edition of Deni Speaks, we asked readers three questions on our website and we can now discuss the outcome of the voting.

Questions asked

1.  Do we need national sporting events to come to Deniliquin?
2. Should it be legal to defend your home?
3. Are you happy with Phone companies?


62% of voters believe that national sporting events do need to come to Deniliquin, this proves that Deniliquin has an appetite for events even if some events do cause problems getting to and from places for the duration of the events.

100% of voters believe it should be legal to defend your homes, this question was raised after fears residents anywhere in Australia could be charged if an intruder is injured or killed in the residents home.

75% of voters have said that they are unhappy with phone companies, this is understandable considering the problems we have had with services including Telstra having problems with its 3G network locally from March 12 and into today (March 13).


The willingness for allowing national events to come to Deniliquin could serve as a financial boom for the local area as local businesses have proven they can equal and beat competition from around the nation.

The total support for home defense is logical and we hope to never read in news services that somebody who defended their home has to wait and see if they will be charged with anything.

Phone services have been a pain for locals, it is understandable that Australia has problems because we’re the size of a large chunk of Europe who have billions more to spend than we do but services should always be of high standard regardless.

Thank you for voting and reading Deni Speaks, we will be back with a new edition soon.


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