Hello? Hello? Hello?

February 16 2017

Deniliquin is getting really annoyed with phone companies at the moment, annoyed is actually putting it politely as many would happily add an F word before annoyed or say something entirely different that we won’t print.

Telstra and Optus have both had problems in recent weeks and the outages have been annoying the absolute heck out of locals because of the high amount of outages such as the one shown below.

(above image taken at 3:40pm Thursday February 16 – Telstra)

So far our website poll asking if people are happy with phone companies currently has 86% of voters saying ‘No’ and that number has the potential to increase over time before the poll closes.

We’ll let readers know how the polls end up and amend the above with final totals but it is already clear that local levels of happiness with the phone companies is shrinking by the day.


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