Yo-Yo Weather continues

The hot days that have been around Deniliquin gave way to rain in the early hours of this morning.

The rain started to fall around 4:30am this morning and at one stage 5.8mm of rain fell in just ten minutes (6:40-6:50am).

Temperatures are currently predicted to stay reasonably cool (around 30) until Sunday where it will once again jump to 35 degrees before jumping up further to 40 degrees on Monday before going back down thanks to rain and other factors.

Morning Temperatures over the last nine days have been a mixed bag with five days starting over 15 degrees and four below that mark.

Maximum temperatures have been the same or hotter than the previous day for five days whilst four days had conditions were cooler than the previous day.

A total of 25mm has fallen this month and there is the potential to get the total over 30mm and keep up with the January rainfall average of 28mm.

DNS will keep readers appraised on the weather as it happens.



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