Ley in Trouble

Local Federal MP Sussan Ley is in major trouble after it has been revealed that she billed the taxpayer so she could go visit Queensland and buy a place as well as enjoy the life up there.

The seat of Farrer is a safe Liberal seat but with Ley’s misdeeds and a backlash against the Liberals and Nationals in NSW which was clearly evident in the state seat of Orange last year when the Nationals lost a seat that was previously considered untouchable for any party other than the Nationals.

With the amount of money MPs receive, it is the publics view that it should be of no trouble to MPs, Premiers or Prime Ministers to buy their own air ticket and pay for their own lodgings instead of leaving it up to the people to pick up the tab.

It remains to be seen if Ley resigns or is fired from the Turnbull ministry, there is also the possibility that she resigns from Parliament which would force a by-election that could change politics in the local area forever.

The ALP’s challenge in Farrer in the last election was derailed by the candidate having to pull out of the contest early in the campaign but a full on ALP effort could result in a win and slim down the Coalition majority.

These are going to be interesting times.

EDIT 11:10am 9/1/17: Sussan Ley steps aside as Health Minister.


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