Deni Speaks (31/12/16)

Deniliquin has spoken clearly when it comes to asking about extended supermarket trading hours and more cameras at Deniliquin Plaza.

Should the towns Supermarkets have longer trading hours?

Voters say they are satisfied with the current trading hours with 57% saying No to extending trading hours.

This question may be worth revisiting in the future due to the ‘No’ vote only having a 7% majority.

Does Deniliquin Plaza need more Cameras?

After months of reading reports of cars being hit in the car park of Deniliquin Plaza, we asked this question to see if residents believe there should be more cameras to capture these events.

Voters believe that the current arrangements are satisfactory with 62% of voters voting ‘No’ to the Plaza needing more cameras.

Like the previous question, it may be worth revisiting the question in the future to see if thoughts have changed from todays results.


This is the first time that the ‘No’ vote has had the majority of votes in one or both the polls that we have put up for voting.

It will be interesting to see what voters will choose in the next round of voting, if anyone has a question (a sensible one) that they’d like put up for people to vote on please let us know.



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