Deni Speaks (13/12/16)

Over the last couple of weeks, DNS has asked visitors to this website two questions to see what locals think.

‘Does Deniliquin need a new Cinema?’

95% of voters said that Deniliquin does need a new Cinema after living through more than a decade without one in the town.

As it currently stands a local has to go to Echuca to enjoy the latest big screen release and whilst that means they can also just go down the road and pick up some KFC too it is around a 90 minute round trip which is the down side even if it is balanced with something tasty.

So if there is a business out there that is into cinemas, take a look at Deniliquin because we’re interested.

‘Should locals be closely informed about any major Hume Dam releases?’

92% of voters said that locals should be closely informed about any major Hume Dam releases.

This result is understandable after many felt that there was not enough information on what was coming down the river and it was left to others to find, post and alert residents on what was coming and how high it was going to be.


Deniliquin residents have stuck to the current trend of voting for something with a clear majority.

Deni Speaks will be back as soon as there is new questions put up and ran with for two weeks.



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