Summer playlist

So we’ve had a playlist about Rain this year when the rain kept tumbling down and we’ve had one with ‘Mud’ in the title and now that it is Summer and it is doing what summer does best, lets try putting together some music that has summer in the title.

We could have cheated and just put every Beach Boys song up and call it the playlist but we have to go for variety and hopefully we’ve delivered the right amount of mix.

From the 1950’s to recent years we think we got things covered for your entertainment and many of these songs are considered classics or songs that suit most moods.

Billy Thorpe’s ‘It’s Almost Summer’ has been included because firstly it is Billy Thorpe and secondly it does have ‘Summer’ in the title even if it is saying it’s almost summer when it actually now is summer.

Calvin Harris – Summer
Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer
Bananarama – Cruel Summer
Daryl Braithwaite – One Summer
Belinda Carlisle – Summer Rain
Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues
Grease – Summer Nights
Keith Urban – Long Hot Summer
Kid Rock – All Summer Long
Sherbet – Summer Love
Brad Paisley – Beat This Summer
The Ataris – The Boys of Summer
Billy Thorpe – It’s Almost Summer
Young Talent Team – Hot Summer Nights
Van Halen – Summer Nights

We finish this playlist with perhaps the greatest of all songs with the word ‘summer’ in it and that is Bryan Adams hit ‘Summer of ’69’.

Enjoy your Summer readers.


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