Polling Landslides

Tomorrow’s US Election may be getting all the press but in the last week DNS readers have been to the polls answering two questions that hopefully will inspire people to shape Deniliquin in the future.

The two questions posed to the readers for a week were

Should a Train service return to Deniliquin?
Should KFC return to Deniliquin?


As you might see above (apologies for the small sizes) the Yes vote was the overwhelming choice with 96% of the vote to the Train service question.

The KFC vote also had a decisive result with 80% of voters saying Yes to the popular Fast Food chain returning after so long out of town.

Of course both desires may be difficult to obtain, huge amounts of money must be poured in to make a train service and then people got to use the thing but the idea of rail once again connecting Deniliquin to large parts of Victoria and vice versa is exciting.

KFC has the issues of store size, the abundance of takeaway shops and the fact KFC didn’t survive last time as barriers to returning but they can be dealt with if done right.

The point of the polls is to see what people want and perhaps some person or group may say well this small sampling of people say yes then maybe we can investigate further or take a chance on the town and both of those are wins for the town.

So far the town has voted Yes to a Deniliquin to Melbourne Air Service, A Train service and the return of KFC and we’ll be back soon with new polls to see what Deniliquin residents want in the future.



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