Beyond the Fence

The other day DNS discussed the rubbish situation along the fence of Deniliquin Plaza and our man of many talents Dan Clark remarked about the tall grass that is just past the fence.

A series of events ensured that we were unable to quickly get back to the fence to show what lay beyond it and document what was seen.

Fortunately for us and the town, James Barling saw what was beyond the fence, taken pictures and sent them to us and we are very honoured by the fact that we were considered to put words to the pictures.

As you can see in three pictures, the amount and heights of the grass and weeds is astounding and there is no doubt that Edward River Council must now resolve the issue of the overgrown grass and weeds as quickly as possible.

A fourth picture shows the rubbish along the fence, this picture bolsters the photos taken by Dan when it comes to seeing the rubbish along the fence, this problem should also be taken care of by Council whether by action or enforcing an order.

We live in a town that is lauded for the Ute Muster, Cruising Nationals, Fishing Classic, Festivals, Its great establishments and more but we are fast becoming in danger of being a town that does not take care of its  environment.

A reminder to readers to check out our petition and sign it if you really believe that change has to come when it comes to rubbish dropping in our town and surrounding areas.

We sincerely hope that this blog piece inspires somebody to take action for the good of the town and the local environment.


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