Moderate Flooding coming

The warning for the Edward River has gone up from Minor Flooding to Moderate Flooding and should be happening this Friday (September 30).

The projected height of 7.5m is still below the height of the towns levees so the town is relatively safe apart from places like the beach, houseboat pump, parts of the Island Sanctuary and Smart Street which are currently under water or are partly water covered as you can see in the picture taken by Dan Clark.


Meanwhile the Brick Klin Creek is flowing fast and it has caused three culverts to be closed and a fourth may be closed soon.

Deniliquin’s 1956 flood peak was 9.37m, 1975 was 9.04m and 1993’s flood 8.48m and so if the waters stop at 7.5m then it will be a fairly pleasing result considering the damage the past floods have caused.

Despite what’s going on with the river and the creeks, The message going out is that it is business as usual for the town as it gears up for the Ute Muster.

Visitors can come to town and stay at their accomodations knowing that everything is safe and secure thanks to the levees around town and is nothing getting in the way of visitors and locals reaching the Muster and enjoying everything there.

There is 20 to 40mm of rain forecasted for Wednesday and 10mm to 20mm for Thursday and when it is Muster time patrons may get a little wet on Friday but Saturday will be mostly sunny so it will not be a total Woodstock (or UteStock as we dub it).

Workers have been hard at work drying the site so there’s a good chance it will be pretty good by the time the crowds come.

Everyone is reminded to stay away from the flood waters, There is no need to drive through anywhere that has been flooded and there is also no need to stand in the water to take pictures or fool around as the moving water could knock you over and put you in danger.

Warnings can be found on the ABC Riverina page located here if anyone wants to check the latest warnings or seek assurance that all will be well, The latest on the river height can also be checked here

EDIT: Deniliquin Riverside Caravan Park has had to cancel all bookings for the lower section of the Park, The upper section is considered not at risk at this present time.


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