Local stomachs still rumble for KFC

The call for KFC to return to Deniliquin is once again making it’s way across the internet.

Deniliquin loves KFC, It misses KFC and it has ever since the store closed in 2010.

The biggest proof of the desire is that one local declared his belief that KFC be brought back and over 50 people liked the post and it continues to this point of time (Aug 30).

How does Deniliquin still have a desire for KFC after so long? It’s simple because people travel over the Murray to get their KFC fix and when that’s around 45 minutes to go one way that is pure and simple dedication to satisfying the stomachs of one or many.

Of course many questions would have to be asked such as can be KFC be viable? Where would they put it and many more questions but if little stores can exist in shopping centres then one can easily make it in Deniliquin.

Echuca on the other hand are probably hoping KFC does not return to town so Deniliquin residents keep travelling on down, do some shopping and perhaps see a Movie before getting their Chicken and going on home.

Our advice fellow KFC eaters, Get somebody to make a nice change.org petition addressed to KFC and Edward River Council and then spread it around social media and see what you get.



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