Hope for Junee?

Last week, We wrote about Junee’s battle to keep their ANZ branch open and while it may of seemed strange reporting on what is going on over there, The way they are fighting can be handy in any battle Deniliquin may face in the future.

The petition on change.org has been signed by nearly 500 people and along with a paper petition recording large numbers of signatures, The ANZ have responded by sending representatives to Junee for a meeting tomorrow (August 23) with council, campaign organizers and Junee Businesses and Trades at the Council.

If Junee is successful and the ANZ reverses their stance on closing the branch, The win would inspire country towns to really dig in when it comes to trying to keep soon to depart businesses and services in their areas when previously a business or service’s word of closure meant that it’s unstoppable and had to be accepted.

DNS will continue to follow the battle as events unfold and word comes to hand.



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