The rain returns

Over 10mm of rain fell around Deniliquin today pushing the monthly total past the long term August average of 32.1mm.

The current Weatherzone record for August is 66.2mm which was recorded in 2010 and there’s a chance that record will fall with 5 to 10 millimetres predicted for Tuesday and 10 to 20 millimetres of rain predicted for Wednesday and anything can happen in the last week of the month.

Today’s 20+ kilometre per hour winds will return tomorrow before dropping below 20kph on Sunday with next Tuesday predicted to be the calmest.

The above is not what many people were hoping for in a year that has seen above average rainfall, many are hoping that rainfall has not hit catchment areas forcing the Murray and it’s anabranches to rise in height like they did last week.

DNS will continue to report on the weather situation as further news comes to hand.


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