Flood warning for the Edward

A flood warning has been issued for the Edward River as the Murray River plus its anabranches and tributaries are experiencing rising water levels.

According to the report at 9am this morning, the Edward River at Deniliquin has a height of 3.81m and the level
is expected to exceed what is classified as minor flooding this coming weekend.

For it to be classed as minor flooding, The Edward must be 4.6m or higher and according to current forecasts, The Edward is expected to reach 4.8m by next Monday.

Barham is predicted to have water levels in the moderate flood range (5.8m) around next Wednesday and Stevens Weir is expected to have it’s water level up to 5.5m around next Monday.

ABC Riverina has a page with all the information and they will be updating it at 9am tomorrow.

DNS will keep readers updated as the news comes in.


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