Residents anger is rising

Last week, DNS was writing about thefts and the impact it is having on residents.

Unfortunately thefts are still happening with more reports being posted online of valuables being stolen from cars and other places.

Now there is another aspect of crime happening and that is that rocks are being thrown at vehicles, as far as we know the rocks are being thrown at parked cars but it is of no comfort to owners who discover their windscreens are damaged from rock or stone impacts.

Those who are throwing rocks or stones at vehicles must be caught before somebody does something stupid and throws one at a moving vehicle which could cause injuries to people and or animals as well as causing damage to property.

It is sad to see good people’s homes and property are being damaged, it is sad to see their feelings of anger and hurt, it is sad to see owners having to find ways to pay for repairs and it is angering people to see bad things keep going on and on.

It is fast becoming clear that there is no place totally secure from thefts and property damage, residents are urging each other to keep their eyes and ears open and keep each other informed on what is going on around them.


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