Gamers want eCards back

Deniliquin’s many Nintendo gamers are unhappy that they cannot find any local shops that sell Nintendo eCards.

Nintendo eCards are just like iTunes cards with purchasers buying them, taking them home and redeeming them via inputting the code to be able to pay for digital versions of games.


The eCards look like the ones on the image above (picture pre WiiU) and were once available at Coles but have been withdrawn sometime during 2015.

Nintendo users can still buy credit on their devices via credit card but the eCards are beneficial for those who do not have a credit card and cannot travel 45 minutes to Echuca to get one from stores that carry them.

Meanwhile past and present Deniliquin residents are doing well on Pokémon Shuffle with three having caught over 100 Pokémon,  Players still have a long way to go before claiming they have caught them all and the game is designed that gets harder to catch them and upgrade your Pokémon.

Pokémon Shuffle is free in the Nintendo eShop and can also be brought and played on devices like the iPod, iPad and iPhone for free as well.


If you’re a Nintendo gamer and want eCards sold locally once again, let us know with a comment here or on our FB page.


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