TV channels to change

There is a big change coming to what you see on TV with WIN and Southern Cross switching allegiances and it comes into effect on July 1.

WIN has carried Channel Nine content for almost 30 years and Southern Cross has shown Channel Ten’s content since 1992 so TV viewers have been used to it for a generation or two.

Now on July 1, WIN will be showing Channel Ten’s content (Masterchef etc) and Southern Cross will now be showing Channel Nine’s content (The AFL Footy Show etc).

So on your remote, Channel 10 shows from Friday will be on channels 8/80s on WIN while Channel 9’s shows will be on channels 5/50s on Southern Cross/Nine and it will take some time to get used to that.

Are you confused by the change? We sure are but this piece should be able to clarify what the switches involve or it will induce a spate of head scratching around town as residents get used to changes.



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