What should be upgraded/fixed/introduced?

Now that the Edward River Council is established (yet to have councillors), attention turns to what the Council should fix or upgrade for the good of the town and its residents now that the merger was stated to bring lots of benefits to the area.

The water fountain in the Waring Gardens is a popular choice and rightfully so as it is a very nice looking fountain that has been enjoyed by several generations of residents and visitors and so a cleaned up and restored water foundation will have benefits.

Roads around town are high up many lists when it comes to desires for them to be fixed with pot holes reported throughout town which is not good for residents cars or their wallets, Residents are already unhappy with the rates to service standard ratio and with the Council merger promised to be a financial and infrastructure windfall, results are expected sooner rather than later.

Footpaths are also on many wish lists due to the fact that many of the streets either have footpaths in bad condition, some streets only have one side of the street with a footpath and a large number of streets have none at all.

The lack of footpaths is considered a major reason why people take a chance and walk on the roads at night because they don’t want to trip over poor maintained footpaths or tree roots etc when taking to nature strips and hurting themselves in the process.

An upgrade of street lights or the construction of additional lights is also on the wish list because it is hard for a person to see where a person is walking at night and with drivers reporting near misses, an elimination of the possibility of a serious accident is always a good thing.

The resurrection of Rail transport over Air travel is another wish, the building of a new KFC, the resurrection of the Community Centre and the introduction of major shops that have no other businesses in the same shop genre are some of the other desires for the

The above is just some of the items that would make our wish list, If you could make your own, what would you have on it? Comments are always welcome as it provokes thought, discovery and in many cases a well informed opinion for all.


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