Records bring delight to Deniliquin

Between 9am Friday and 9am Saturday, A total of 22mm of rain came down across Deniliquin giving a grand total of 36.4mm of rain since 9am Wednesday.

99.2mm of rain has fallen on Deniliquin during the month of May which is a Weatherzone record for the town as the previous record that was set in 2010 totalled 52.8mm.

The total rainfall for this time in 2016 is currently 162.0mm, the total for this time last year is 118mm, Deniliquin has had four more days of rain compared to last year and has 1.2 more days of rain when comparing the total to the average rainfall to May.

Caution is advised when travelling on dirt roads for they were be tricky to drive on for at least the next couple of days but on the flip side some may revel in the fact their car will be sliding down the roads

There is no more rain expected for the rest of the month but there will be very cold mornings of around three degrees on Sunday, two degrees on Monday and three degrees on Tuesday with top temperatures through the days being 14, 13 and 14 degrees.

Morning temperatures for the first few days of June will be no lower than 5 degrees which should be of some comfort to those doing farm work or walking to work, the shops, school or TAFE.


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