Pie Drive Ending Soon

A Pie is a well loved dinner and/or treat option to people around the world, People love their Four n Twenty Pies, their Apple Pies, Pies of any kind (as seen in Supernatural and Pawn Stars) and that includes Pecan Pie (Seen in Star Trek: Enterprise) and now Deniliquin Stadium has been partnering up with Deniliquin Bakery to have a Pie Drive.

So far there have been many expressions of interest and the Pie Drive is in it’s final days (Ends April 29) but there is still time to order yourself a Pie, simply visit the Deniliquin Stadium Facebook Page and inbox them asking for an order form and make sure to ask when what time of day or night it’s fine to take the order form and money in to them.

$2.50 of every Pie goes to the Stadium which is excuse the pun a nice slice of the Pie, the money raised will go toward getting new Basketball Backboards and Hoops which would be well received by those who play Basketball at the Stadium.

Deniliquin Stadium has a well updated page and we hope that those who are seeking information on the Pie Drive will also choose to like and regularly visit the page for all their sport information.

So if you love your Basketball, Order a Pie
If you love the Stadium, Order a Pie
If you love Deniliquin Bakery, Order a Pie
Lastly if you just love Pies, Order a Pie


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