The Subway chain explained

Some time ago, DNS wondered why everything was so high in price for Pizza considering rural areas are the food bowl of every nation on Earth and if there is Aliens on distant planets their rural areas are most likely be the same (you never know, it could all be true).

Today we had the honour of one of the two owners of the Deniliquin franchise tell us about how things are done for Subway, the most interesting part of the message is the following;

$4.27 is added on to each and every item we purchase thru our distributor’

$4.27 for each and every item, so considering what can go into a Subway Sub that’s a lot items that has to be brought in order to make a Sub a Sub then you got everything else to consider as well.

So the owners had the difficult choice businesses must face, sell things at RRP (Recommended Retail Price) or sell things with the cost of each item being transported from distributor to Deniliquin spread across the menu, it should also be mentioned that the owners have the right to set the prices to what suits them if they choose to.

Thankfully for Subway lovers in Deniliquin, the franchise owners declined to set a price above RRP, The $4.27 for each and every item is taken on by the owners which is risky but it does give them respect, customer satisfaction and sales for people love those who make things affordable for their customers.

It’s good that we ask questions, it’s even better that we get answers for it leads to thoughts and more questions, maybe the only answer to the higher cost pain is that something has to be offset by something else and we’re the poor schmucks too far away to have what cities have and have to take a financial hit (and further out areas get it worse).

Lastly, It was mentioned that all organizations sponsored by Subway in Deniliquin are not sponsored by Subway HQ but the actual shop so those who are sponsored by them should thank the franchise owners of Subway in Deniliquin at their next awards speech etc.


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