What if we had a Car & Ute Museum?

Deniliquin loves vehicles of all kinds, we got a large amount of classic cars, a wide range of Utes, Clubs with strong memberships, a track, a Ute on a Pole, another Ute all dressed up with art, car restorers, car photographers plus as this is being written The Cruising Nationals is on and more.

So what if the love for all things with wheels is translated into a museum that shows off all of the automotive wonders under one roof?

Echuca has one with filled with Holden cars and it is pretty nice but what if we go for something a little wide ranging? There’s no denying that collectively car owners of Deniliquin have a wide range of cars from both current and defunct manufacturers .

Maybe borrow a NASCAR or a AUSCAR (and show people what the Super Speedway era of the 1980’s until the late 1990’s were like) and add a few more racing category examples for people love their motor sport as well and it may get people really curious.

Rotate the cars on display so people get to see something different all the time and also allow owners to take their cars to shows etc, it could work particularly since Deni has so many events on that bring the tourists in and it could bring in the all important money and people to town when an event is not going on.

It’s all possible and part of DNS’s existence is to make people think of what could happen with what people have got, it could end up being something really cool.


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