World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day is on today (April 2) and for many Deniliquin residents it is an important day for they or somebody they know has Autism.

Autism is something that has no certain pattern, it could be that they have trouble socialising with people, unsure what people are feeling or they talk too long about topics that people those listening have no interest in at all.

Gestures and body language may not be used the same way everyone else does and some with Autism do things in set patterns from walking from A to B and how they set up their room and other locations.

A person can also be rattled by a sudden loud burst of sound and bright lights can bother them and also being touched can suddenly upset them as well.

Those with Autism are also considered to be quite intelligent with an excellent grasp of topics and fantastic memory, something that many people wish they had as they go about their daily business.

Days like today are made to educate people and today the colour Blue is used to signify World Autism Awareness Day, so if you have a blue light or blue clothing make sure you wear them on this important day.

Below is two of the many pages on Autism where you can find out more about Autism and World Autism Awareness Day.

Go Blue For Autism
World Autism Awareness Day Facebook Page





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