Should the bin network be expanded?

Humanity can be a sloppy species, we can be careless with our environment and around the world the carelessness seems to be increasing as rubbish is dumped more frequently.

What if Deniliquin’s stationary bin network (the maroon coloured ones) is expanded a little further, covering all the way down Hardinge Street and expanded down the Coles side of Henry Street and connecting streets where rubbish is known to laying around.

Rubbish is usually dropped within 100m of the point where consumers brought the product they just consumed with the area just behind Deniliquin Plaza being a popular place for litter dropping.

Some rubbish is held onto until it is consumed across the road and the rubbish ends up in some unlucky residents yard making them look like they are slobs.

It would mean more work for those who empty the bins on Cressy Street and other streets where bins are located but it could open the door of employment opportunity despite increased costs of having more people or current people working more hours.

Would an increased number of bins stop people littering? That depends on the person carrying the rubbish of the product they just used but would it increase chances of somebody picking it up and taking it a short distance to a bin where it belongs.


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