What Residents Want In Future

Yesterday we discussed what the future could bring to Deniliquin and the response from readers has been fantastic.

There have been a variety of suggestions given and below are those suggestions that may do good for the town in the future or even sooner;

A cleaning and re-painting of the Bridge as it is considered to be in very rough shape by residents, not only do residents cross the bridge by foot, bicycle or car it is also photographed regularly from the banks of the Edward River.

Adding more gluten free meals to Cafe and Restaurant menus as gluten intolerance is rising through the population and Deniliquin currently has a lack of gluten free options at local eateries.

An indoor heated swimming pool to match other towns such as Cootamundra, Junee and Echuca who have one, a heated pool would also enable Deniliquin to have a Pool operating year round.

A kids park much like the one in Moama is another suggestion, whilst Deniliquin has lots of parks an Adventure Playground would be something new for kids.

A parents room to enable the changing of nappies, breast feeding, bottle feeding and keeping warm or cool.
Such a room would also have to have amenities such as a kitchen complete with Microwave and of course toilets, It is believed such a room would be beneficial to the town as things would be made easier on parents whose kids need any of the above whilst in the centre of town.

These are all fantastic ideas and hopefully the powers that be will read them and the ones DNS suggested could be useful in the future and things go on from there.

Suggestions are always welcome on DNS’s Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “What Residents Want In Future

  1. Rubbish – A country town I visited supplied small recyclable bags on a roll for food scraps only from house holds. The scrap of bags was put in a supplied bin and collected once a fortnight. The contents was processed in to garden fertilizer and sold back to community for minimal price. Good idea for Denny?


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