What could the future of Deniliquin have?

Deniliquin is an ambitious town, the town always wants more and thankfully the world is at a point where technologically there is plenty to offer.

Could Council and State Government pair up to find ways to make small water tanks more easily affordable for residents to buy? Every tank that is installed at a home saves thousands of litres of water every year and in a place like Deniliquin the water saved can be really useful elsewhere.

Solar Panels on the majority of the towns shops would be an impressive display of sustainability especially in these times of rising emissions and also rising costs of electricity which would be countered by Solar Power.

A re-introduction of recycling could also show that Deniliquin is at the forefront of sustainability and looking after it’s environment, there has been rubbish concerns in the past and with the majority of rubbish left in the streets being cans and other drink containers recycling can be very beneficial.

Is it possible that Deniliquin can be the hub of farming evolution? A place where new ways to grow and harvest food are discovered frequently which would be for the better of humanity?

Can Deniliquin one day land itself in a competition like Basketball’s SEABL? A competition where the ex NBL teams like the Melbourne Tigers, Nunawading Spectres and Geelong Supercats reside in and offer great competition could be very interesting and bring fans from Victoria and perhaps the ACT and Queensland.

Would transport be back to being something great? Deniliquin is already looking at air transport both human and freight but could Rail make a comeback? Imagine a time like the Ute Muster where Trains deliver tourists into town and Buses shuttle them to the Muster site.

Deniliquin is also well on it’s way to being an events centre and the more events that survive it’s first attempt the more traction they get as locals and visitors become comfortable with what takes place and want to see more in the future.

The re-establishment of a Cinema would keep local money in town instead of residents needing to travel to and spend their money in Echuca for a day or night’s entertainment and KFC has been well missed by locals so a return of KFC could keep even more money in town instead of residents needing to go far.

A new Community Centre (or re-opening the closed one) would be nice for the Youth of Deniliquin, augment what worked in the past with modern gaming and entertainment and satisfied they should be.

The future has so many more possibilities for Deniliquin than what is mentioned above, what do you the reader of this post believe is needed? What is not outside the realm of possibility? The possibilities are endless but it is up to us to chase them.


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