Raising funds for defining cause

Earlier this week, DNS wrote about the World’s Greatest Shave Cake Stall that will be at the Cressy St Kiosk on March 19.

We now write about fundraising efforts by past and present residents who are participating in the World’s Greatest Shave.

Megan and Celeste are currently fundraising money and their quest for donations is because of a personal link to what the Leukemia Foundation fights for and their reasons can read about on their pages whose links are at the bottom of this story.

So far the siblings have raised a total of $93 between them and DNS hopes readers will be generous and push those totals higher, donors have the option of donating a set total or one they can put in themselves, one off or regular donations and best of all Credit Card or Paypal payment methods.

Donors can also choose to be anonymous which is good for those who like to give and not have the spotlight cast upon them even if it is deserved.

Donate today and give the Leukemia Foundation the help it needs to help those with a Blood Cancer and 34 more Australians every day who get given the news they’ve got it too.

Megan’s Fundraising Page
Celeste’s Fundraising Page


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