Campaign keeps on going

By now, the campaign in support of the Nurses at Deniliquin Hospital has been going at a fair clip of speed since Friday morning and shows no sign of slowing down.

Supplies of Blue material are still arriving in town and are now available at Deniliquin Florist as more and more Businesses offer to put signs and other material in their stores, two of the latest stores to join are SeigDiesel and 4WD as well as Deniliquin Bakery.

The silent protest site is serving it’s purpose well with no shortage of messages of support on display, residents and visitors to the town can see it 410 Charlotte Street, residents are reminded to not protest in front of the hospital in the event it disrupts the treatment and care of patients.

A sign posted in support of the Nurses has been taken down from inside Deniliquin Hospital, the sign read ‘Thank you to all our amazing Nurses in Deniliquin, Your community respects and appreciates you’

There is a new page now operational to check out on Facebook and it is called ‘Keep Deni Blue’ you can visit and like the page anytime at

DNS will continue to report on the protest until it reaches a hopefully satisfactory conclusion.



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