The heroine of former Working Dogs

The majority of the people on Earth love Dogs, they are most friendly and extremely loyal animals who always bring comfort to their human family members.

Well known local resident Peri Chappell takes her love for dogs very seriously as she is one half (Jennie is the other) of the founding members of ‘Herd2homes’ a group that takes in working breeds when they are not needed and/or wanted by their owners.

Herd2homes is very popular with over 10,000 people liking their Facebook page, this is outstanding considering that Deniliquin is a couple of thousand people below that number.

Peri and Jennie have a large number of fantastic volunteers who help them look after the Dogs who have been surrendered to Herd2homes until they are found new homes, without these volunteers Herd2homes wouldn’t be what it is today.

To find out more visit as well as visiting their Facebook page for regularly updated information from Dogs that are new to their care, Dogs that have moved on from their care and much more.

DNS will continue to report on how things are for Herd2homes as news comes to hand.


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