Too many empty shops in Deniliquin

Despite business figures in town publicly stating their confidence in an increase of business a look around town shows that their confidence may be misplaced.

Empty shops (and tennis courts) have been spotted throughout town, particularly on the north side of town which is occupied by a minority of residents and the majority of farmers.

The lack of shops on the North side must frustrate residents who have to travel to the south side to get large amounts of shopping, Coles Express does exist at the Shell service station although it does not have the range of items available at Coles in Deniliquin Plaza.

Council could attempt to entice new businesses to the north although what benefits the north side could disadvantage the south where the majority of Deniliquin’s residents live which would make business owners hesitate although if the Bakery can thrive in the north side then any business can if they make the effort to do so.


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