Residents have Cinema wishes

Since the closure of the Regent Theatre in the early 2000’s, Deniliquin residents have been travelling to Echuca to enjoy a movie at the cinema.

The bright side of this arrangement is that travelers get the opportunity to buy KFC from it’s Echuca store for KFC has been gone from Deniliquin for some time.
The downside of traveling is that it’s almost an hour trip and also costs money in fuel and snack purchases.

There have been past efforts to get a cinema back have failed but it is hoped that now with the advantages of the internet and the desire to make the town better a new opportunity will be born and be allowed to flourish.

A small cinema would be a wonderful edition to Deniliquin although it is true that profits would be hard to obtain unless a wide range of films were shown every day, the flipside is that after seeing a movie patrons could spend their time shopping in town which would no doubt be pleasing to businesses.


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