Rubbish problem still not combated by Council

Deniliquin’s rubbish problem has not diminished in recent weeks as rubbish continues to litter the streets of the town.

Areas of concern continue to be Henry Street, Wood Street and Hardinge Street with no signs of rubbish pickup been sighted in recent weeks.

Napier Street has also been identified as another street with concerning levels of rubbish past the corner of Wood and Napier Street.

The area outside of Deniliquin TAFE also has rubbish problems with several cans and bottles spotted in the waters of Brown Park, these bottles are out of reach of passerbys and will require Council crews to pick retrieve them from the water.

Deniliquin residents are encouraged to sign an petition at
all digital signees will be sent to Deniliquin Council’s email with the hope that council will respond to the demands for a tidier town.


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