Why is there no major recycling done in Deniliquin?

There is no major recycling service in Deniliquin and that means that thousands of cans, bottles and other recyclables are now in the tip or laying in open fields and are unable to be used again, there is no doubt that opening a recycling centre of any kind is considered too much of a cost but there is no doubt that if people put their minds together a solution can be found.

Perhaps bottles and cans can be stored and then trucked to the nearest recycling centre and then receive money for the cans, Deniliquin Council could perhaps give the Lions Club some assistance in their can collecting efforts to encourage more townspeople to save their cans and earn a couple of dollars.

Perhaps a school could make it a long term project of theirs to participate on one of the can collection days, while there won’t be a ton of cash gained it could be useful for primary school kids whose class could use any money made for a end of term or year treat for their efforts.

Deniliquin is wanting to be the capital of events in the area but perhaps the town can also be at the forefront of caring for the environment as well which will be good for the people, the town and the future.


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