DNS revisits That Pizza

It has been seven months since our man of many talents Daniel Clark stepped up to the plate and tried Pizzas from That Pizza to see if the wait for the shop to open was worth it.

As some readers may recall, the judgement of the test was that it was ‘F**king Amazing’ which is very high praise from our guru.

Tonight we check in once again with the man as he has another Pizza to see if things are still the same.

Previously the choice of Pizza was BBQ Meatlovers and tonight’s choice of Pizza is none other than the classic of classics, Hawaiian.

The Pizza didn’t have more oil than a Car Engine which is always a great sign and the taste was just right which is always pleasing.

The box is still considered a little flimsy but the Pizza Saver was included this time ensuring that overall the store retains it’s ‘F**king Amazing’ rating.


Don’t forget you can call That Pizza on 5881 8480, visit them at 396 Cressy Street or visit the website.

This concludes our review series on That Pizza and potentially everywhere else unless we discover something really tasty of course because we only want to dish out praise.

NOTE: Pizzas brought and eaten on own accord, all thoughts are independent and without any reward.


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