Rovers Talk (30/7/16)

Round 17 of the Football and Netball competition got underway today with the Rovers taking on Tocumwal.


A Grade ended their regular season today with a 47 to 39 win, the win gives them a 10-2-2 record and the side will start their finals campaign in either second or third position.

B Grade tried their best today but were beaten 55 to 30.

C Grade won their match today by the narrowest of margins, the final scores were 29 to 28.

C Reserve played to the best of their abilities but fell to Tocumwal 30 to 25.

The Junior sides played well against their opponents today and below are the results of their games.

The Under 17’s recorded a massive win in their match today, the final scores in their game read 63 to 22.

The Under 15’s lost 24 to 17 in their match against one of the form sides of the competition.

The Under 13’s have recorded another win this season with the side registering a 21 to 10 victory.


Rovers Football sides were in action against their opponents with success finding most of the Rovers teams.

The Seniors were down by 24 points at half time but the side controlled the second half to win the match by 23 points.

The final scores were the Rovers 14.13 – 97 to Tocumwal’s 11.8 – 74.

T. Draffin, D. Kirby and D. May kicked 3 goals apiece, D. Hope kicked 2 goals whilst M. Braybon, A. Bond and B. Loudon all kicked one goal apiece in the win.

The Reserves have recorded an impressive 82 point win in their game today.

The Rovers kicked 16.8 – 104 to Tocumwal’s 3.4 – 22 in a game where the Rovers once again won every quarter to accomplish their win.

G. Trewhitt kicked 7 goals, B. MacDonald kicked 4, B. Ezard kicked 2 whilst L. Fleming, B. Todd and M. Atley each kicked a goal in the win.

The Thirds recorded a solid 127 point win today with the final scores reading Rovers 19.19 – 133 to Tocumwal’s 1.0 – 6.

J. Caniglia and R. Norris kicked 5 goals apiece, J. Campbell 3 and R. Murray kicked 3 goals apiece, J. Allitt booted 2 whilst B. Sartore kicked one goal in the win.

The Fourths overran their opposition in the last quarter to record a 6.3 – 39 to 3.2 – 20 win.

B. Redden kicked 2 goals whilst B. East, H. Gardiner, H. Mowat and J. Ezard all kicked a goal each in the win.


The Rovers won the day with eight wins and three losses, Tocumwal were very formidable in all Netball matches and will pose a major challenge to the Rovers in the finals.


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