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Poll Time (23/8/17)

August 23 2017

We are back with four new questions that hopefully will be of interest, we look at the Ute Muster, ERC Election, Rates and School Zones.

Is School Zone speeding becoming a problem?

About once a week, people around town will have heard from somebody else that cars going are fast along the designated school zones, so we are wondering if it is really a problem or just a person or two in a hurry to get somewhere.

Are rates still considered too high?

100% of those who voted four months ago said that they are too high, is it still the case or are things fairer?

Are you getting more excited about the Ute Muster?

By the time the Poll ends, it will be under a month to go until the Muster arrives, are people starting to look forward to the event or it is still buried deep in the mind?

What would you like to see happen from the ERC elections?

A couple of days after this poll is completed, residents of the ERC are going to the polling booth to pick the first full Edward River Council.

What kind of policy would you like to see, somebody combating rates? pushing for transport? making deals to get more cameras up at the Plaza? Be inclusive with other towns?

Will the Australia Day moving situation that is developing in Victoria happen in Edward River Council or will it stay put?

Multiple choice is available and the other section is available if you got something on your mind, it may be a winner.

Polls close on Tuesday September 5 and votes can be made on the right hand side (PC/Mac) and on the bottom for mobile users.

Could EPS video go viral?

August 23 2017

Edward School may become very famous in the coming days if a video of their staff turning Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ into a song that fits nicely into book week gets picked up the masses.

The song is called ‘Read All Day’ and as you can imagine the song is pretty self explanatory.

The video has it all, teachers and staff miming, reading, skipping, dancing and acting and its actually nicely done and the song recording ain’t that bad too as it is done with quality.

If this video does go viral it is not a bad thing because reading is important and if it makes people think about reading and think about the purpose of Book Week then it is a win.

So do what the song says, read all day and then do it every day.

Deni Speaks (22/8/17)

August 22 2017

For the last two weeks, we ran four polls on our website with questions on Sport, Events, Buildings and Security

Does Deniliquin Plaza need more Cameras?
Are you looking forward to the 2017 Football/Netball Finals?
What is your favourite local event?
Have you gotten used to a building between Town Hall and The Globe?


Does Deniliquin Plaza need more Cameras?

Yes – 100%
No – 0%

Are you looking forward to the 2017 Football/Netball Finals?

No – 70%
Yes – 30%

What is your favourite local event?

Cruising Nationals – 30%
Ute Muster – 22%
Deniliquin Show – 22%
Deniliquin XXXX Fishing Classic – 22%
Antiques and Collectibles Rally – 4%

Have you gotten used to a building between Town Hall and The Globe?

No – 55%
Yes – 44%


The total support for more cameras at Deniliquin Plaza is a surprise considering that 60% of voters in December said the Plaza does not need them, hopefully the ERC and the owners of the Plaza and come to some agreement on ensuring the needs are met.

Not a lot of people are looking towards Football and Netball finals, maybe because the season is coming to a close or their team did not make it to finals or just don’t like sport.

The Cruising Nationals is slowly gaining popularity (especially if they keep offering such a nice car in the raffle) and it is top of the list on our poll whilst voters gave an equal share to the Muster, the Show and Fishing Classic whilst the voter’s addition of the Collectors rally will be added when we look back at this in a few months time.

Just over half the voters aren’t used to a building between the Town Hall and The Globe which is understandable as there was just an ugly fence there for twenty years and pretty much a whole generation saw it whilst those who voted Yes were probably used to the time a building was there for decade after decade.

We’ll be back tomorrow with Poll Time.


What was the Hartwood Monster?

August 22 2017

Throughout time we’ve heard of various monsters and mysterious creatures yet most are sure that all are fictional creatures for example Dr Frankenstein’s Monster, The Loch Ness Monster, the Bunyip, Bigfoot, The Tasmanian Tiger post 1930’s, Fairies and more.

The Hartwood Monster aka the Murray River Monster was a creature spotted in the 1930’s and was described to be six to seven feet long with two flippers, fur covered skin like a possum and eyes like apricots and when it surfaced it blew water out like a Whale.

A few years later the people of Loxton reported a monster but it was apparently an Alligator.

Records available show nothing further happened until 1949 when a creature was found at Hartwood Billabong in Wakool Creek.

In August 1949, two men saw a creature in the water and it had an estimated 18 inch long neck, was 3ft tall, was fast and it was almost black.

Newspapers were very eager to report that the two witnesses were sober perhaps to justify why this story had taken up inches of column space when monsters are not considered real.

It was also reported that what was spotted may of been a species of Musk Duck or it was a Seal.

The next month, a man named Bill Stewart from the Globe Hotel shot a creature 15 times after a chase that lasted half a mile with the creature surfacing every 80 feet, Mr Stewart was accompanied by three other men who were part of a shooting party trying to track the monster down.

A dog was sent in to retrieve the creature but ran off and reportedly wouldn’t go near a body of water again.

The body of the creature was never recovered, if it was a variant of the Musk Duck the unfortunate creature was a thousand kilometres south from its natural habitat, if it was a Seal it is an odd place to find one and if it was an unknown creature, we’ll never know.

Then again, maybe they didn’t get the Hartwood Monster and it is still out there.

Finals Talk (20/8/17)

August 20 2017

It’s the end of the first week of Finals for the PDFNL and the Rovers were well represented with 3 Football teams and 5 Netball teams in action over the weekend.

Rovers Football Results

Reserves won 9.6 – 60 to 7.5 – 47 (Qualifying Final)
U/17’s lost 7.10 – 52 to 7.6 – 48 (Qualifying Final)
U/14’s won 10.4 – 64 to 1.2 – 8 (Qualifying Final)

Next week the Reserves will play Picola United in Semi Final 2, the U/17’s will play Tocumwal in Semi Final 1 and the U/14’s will play Tocumwal in Semi Final 2.

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade won 62 to 53
C Grade lost 39 to 27
C Reserve won 24 to 22
U/15’s won 27 to 20
U/13’s lost 25 to 11

A Grade will play Tocumwal next week, C Reserve will take on Blighty and the U/15’s will take on Tocumwal.

Unfortunately C Grade’s and U/13’s losses today means that their seasons are over but they should be proud of the knowledge they were finalists and gave it their all.

Sports Talk will be back on Thursday.

Sports Talk (19/8/17)

August 19 2017

The Rams hosted Numurkah in the second last round of the MFL season today.

Results as usual are split into the categories Rams Football Results and Rams Netball Results followed by our conclusion where we tally up the wins to see if the Rovers won the day overall.

Rovers results will be posted in a special edition Finals Talk once matches are completed tomorrow.

Rams Football Results (vs. Numurkah)

Seniors lost 31.13 – 199 to 1.1 – 7
Reserves lost 27.16 – 178 to 0.0 – 0
U/17’s won 10.8 – 68 to 4.5 – 29
U/14’s lost 8.9 -57 to 0.3 – 3

Rovers Netball Results (vs. Numurkah)

A Grade won 49 to 33
B Grade won 49 to 47
C Grade lost 42 to 31
C Reserve won 39 to 24
U/17’s won 31 to 20
U/15’s won 53 to 30
U/13’s won 36 to 9
U/12’s won 52 to 4


The Rams Football sides lost the day overall after losing three out of the four matches.

The Rams Netball sides won the day overall by winning seven of their eight matches.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the Rovers results from the first week of PDFNL Finals.

Todd’s winning debut

August 19 2017

Todd Marshall may of had to wait until Round 22 to play his first regular season game for Port Adelaide in the AFL but he didn’t have to wait long to celebrate playing in his first win as the Power today defeated the Bulldogs 14.12 – 96 to 11.13 – 79.

Todd had five kicks and five handballs in the match whilst taking three 3 marks and laid four tackles to play his part in the win that keeps Port Adelaide in a good position for finals.

It remains to be seen if he will be selected in Round 23 but the fact Port waited until Round 22 to pick him with ladder positions still uncertain shows the confidence the club has in their high draft pick and the fact he had ten possessions, three marks and four handballs and no free kicks against could work in his favour.

Sports Talk (17/8/17)

August 17 2017

This weekend is the start of finals in the PDFNL with five Rovers Netball teams in action with a sixth to play next week (B Grade) with the five split between Mathoura, Deniliquin and Yarroweyah.

Three Rovers Football teams are also playing finals with all three sides playing in Mathoura on Saturday.

Rovers Netball Finals

August 19
A Grade vs Blighty – to be played in Mathoura
C Reserve vs Mathoura – to be played at Memorial Park
U/15’s vs Picola United – to be played at Mathoura

August 20
C Grade vs Tocumwal – played in Yarroweyah
U/13’s vs Berrigan – to be played at Yarroweyah

Rovers Football Finals

August 19
Reserves vs Strathmerton – to be played at Mathoura
U/15’s vs Strathmerton – to be played at Mathoura
U/17’s vs Picola United – to be played at Mathoura

Good luck to all Rovers sides.

Rams Football and Netball

The Rams are playing Numurkah at Hardinge Street Oval in the second last round of the season.

Be alert for Magpies

August 17 2017

It is that time of year again when those who love the outdoors have to look up and/or keep their ears open as Magpies are starting to swoop on people around the country.

There were 65 recorded attacks across Australia this time last year and this year alone there have been 206 recorded attacks resulting in 39 injuries.

If you are attacked at all by a Magpie, make sure you sign up to and report the attack at

The website has a map showing past attacks across Australia as well as incident reports and even tells users what attacks resulted in injuries or non injuries.

Be safe out there readers.

Elder’s YouTube Channel

Ever wanted to see what sheep and cattle Elders will be offering in future sales? Now you can by visiting their YouTube channel.

Visitors will see a series of short videos of sheep and cattle of all sizes, shapes and in the cows case colours.

So far there are no subscribers to the channel but those in the business may find it handy to subscribe to it in order to keep tabs on what is being offered when a good inspection is not possible due to either distance, time or weather.

We will check in later on to see what comes up on the channel.