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Deniliquin residents turn their backs on the Nationals

March 25 2019

The NSW election came and went, Labor didn’t make enough gains to take power and so the Liberal Party and the National Party are in charge again.

There is one big change and that is the seat of Murray now has somebody who isn’t a Liberal or a National for just the second time since 1980.

Helen Dalton won pretty easily over the Nationals Austin Evans to give the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party (formerly just the Shooters) their second seat and the potential of having three in Parliament.

The SFF ran a smart campaign, they campaigned on something that Deniliquin really wants and that is water for their farms and they stuck with the candidate that give the Nationals a run for their money in 2017 and counted on the Nationals not improving.

It didn’t help the Nationals when Austin Evans said he didn’t need to win in Deniliquin to win the seat of Murray, that oozed cockiness and Australians hate cocky politicians, they want somebody humble for every vote.

Meanwhile for around half the counting, One Nation was actually ahead of Country Labor and they ran second in two of Deniliquin’s four polling places, was this because One Nation found good policy or was Pauline’s brief stop in Deniliquin the cause of the surge of interest?

There is a drawback to the SFF and that is unless the Government is in minority it really isn’t a win for locals as the Liberals and Nationals aren’t obligated to give the SFF the time of day.

However if the Liberals and Nationals are interested in taking back Murray in the next election, they would be wise to listen to ideas and then improve on them and sell them to the public.

If we were the likes of Pauline Hanson, Mark Latham, Bill Shorten etc, it is probably wise to visit towns along the Murray and Edward Rivers over the next couple of months if they want to steal seats from the Coalition in the Federal Election.

The Liberals and Nationals are now disliked in Deniliquin and surrounding towns and so if they want to win the seat of Farrer then they have to get sensible on water or the seat and perhaps the Government will be gone.


Poll Time (17/3/19)

March 17 2019

In this edition we ask readers three questions, the first asks who will win the seat of Murray in the NSW election, one is asking for a grade for the Street Bazaar that was held on March 9 and lastly we ask for your thoughts on an Off leash Dog Park.

Who will win the seat of Murray?

The NSW Election is on March 23, it is an important election as there is a lot at stake, an ALP victory may pave the way for the party to win in the Federal Election, if the Coalition hangs on there will be no doubt that they’ll get a scare particularly in our seat of Murray.

Helen Dalton took it right up to the National Party and their candidate Austin Evans in 2017 and this year she might pull off a victory or do you think one of the nine other candidates will win?

What rating do you give the Street Bazaar?

The Street Bazaar was on March 9 and we’re wondering what rating out of A, B, C, D and F you would give it.

Does Deniliquin need an Off Leash Dog Park?

A Dog Park has been long discussed, it was even an election issue by some of the candidates when the town went to the polls to make the first full Edward River Council.

So we are wondering if locals are still interested in an off leash dog park or is the issue something that isn’t high up the priority list?

Polls close on March 22, the polls are on the right hand side of the page for computer users and down the bottom for phone users or click on the links on each of the titles.

Deni Speaks (10/3/19)

March 10 2019

Over the last couple of months, we’ve run polls about the ERC, Roads, Subway and Fish and below you will see each question, how many votes each question received and the number of votes and percentage each one got.

What rating do you give the ERC?

We received 44 votes on the issue and the results are the following in order of possible answers

A – 11% (5 votes)
B – 11% (5 votes)
C – 23% (10 votes)
D – 36% (15 votes)
F – 18% (8 votes)

Do you like the changed Subway menu?

We received 25 votes on the issue and it is one of the closest votes we’ve ever had as it came down to just one person.

Yes – 52% (13 votes)
No – 48%  (12 votes)

What grade would you give for local roads?

We received 76 votes on the issue and there were a couple of amusing comments with at least two giving the roads a grade of s**t, we thank them for their honesty.

A – 1% (1 vote)
B – 5% (4 votes)
C – 7% (5 votes)
D – 25% (19 votes)
F – 62% (47 votes)

Are you worried that what is happening to fish in Menindee will happen in Deniliquin?

Yes – 96% (23 votes)
No  – 4% (1 vote)


The ERC has taken a bit of a battering in the last year but with works like Scott’s Park (aka Rocket Park), the refurbishing of the old Scout Hall and more, it will be interesting to see what voters will think of the ERC when we revisit the issue in around December.

Subway’s new menu choices currently have the tick of approval, the menu change across Australia has been controversial and it will be interesting to see if the acceptance of the menu continues in the future.

Locals are really unhappy with the roads, it will be interesting to revisit this issue in December and find out if there have been any chances in local thoughts, don’t forget you can write down your thoughts on our discussion thread as well.

The 96% ‘Yes’ vote confirms that locals are worried about things like what is happening in Menindee as well as the Murray Darling Basin Plan, with NSW elections on the 23rd and the Federal Election in May, it will be interesting to see if the water issue results in a change of seat representation and leadership.

We thank everyone for taking the time to vote on the issues and if you have a question you want polled, please let us know.

Rovers Season starts on April 6 2019

March 2 2019

Deniliquin Rovers quest for Premiership glory starts on April 6 when they take on Berrigan.

Last year was a tough season in terms of picking who’d be in the finals and this year seems to be no exception, the 1sts may find it tough as there are some pretty good teams to face in the first seven weeks of the season.

Rovers Season is the following

Round 1 – Berrigan
Round 2 – Blighty
Round 3 – Katunga
Round 4 – Rennie
Round 5 – Yarroweyah
Round 6 – Tocumwal
Round 7 – Waaia
Round 8 – Bye
Round 9 – Strathmerton
Round 10 – Picola
Round 11 – Katamatite
Round 12 – Mathoura
Round 13 – Jerilderie
Round 14 – Bye
Round 15 – Blighty
Round 16 – Katunga
Round 17 – Rennie
Round 18 – Yarroweyah


Holy Hit Out – March 24 2019

March 2 2019

St Michael’s is having an event called the ‘Holy Hit Out’ on Sunday March 24 down at the Deniliquin Golf Club.

It will cost each participant $25 to be part of a four person Ambrose.

For those not familiar with golfing terms, an Ambrose is the considered to be the most social and quickest of all golf games and they usually should take around 4.5 hours for an 18 hole round to be played.

There will also be a BBQ lunch on the day so nobody will go hungry, organisers want participants to get to the Golf Club at 11:30am and be ready for a 12pm shotgun start.

To register your team for event, please call the Deniliquin Golf Club on 5881 3333.