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Deniliquin Shop Status (April 4 2020)

Betta – Open

Reject Shop – Open

Browns Rural Supplies is open for deliveries. Call 5881 2433 to order.

Wired Entertainment – Open, their phone number is (03) 5881 3555
and their email is

J & K Picture Framing – Closed

Combined Ag Machinery – Open

HQV Bargains – Open

Concept Technology – Open

River & Grain – Closed

All Terrain Automotive is open as normal and has only a few booking left before Easter. If you require they can pick up and drop off your vehicle at your home or work. Feel free to call them on 5881 1789.

Deniliquin NRMA Insurance open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm (closed Saturday) with limited services. Give Judy, Suzy or Kris a call on 5881 1233 for all your insurance needs.

Fleming Partners- office is closed for visitors and most staff are working from home. Documents can still be dropped off during office hours and office/staff can be contacted via phone/email.

Caltex service stations
East end store 03 5881 9050
Cobb highway 03 5881 2162
North Junction 03 5881 1457
All three are open for fuel and take away coffee,drinks and food.
Call to place your takeaway order.

Deniliquin Florist – Shopfront is close but open via phone order

Deniliquin Travel Centre – Open for normal hours
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm on Phone & Email only.
03 58817744 and
Now closed Saturdays & Sunday’s.

Deniliquin RSL – Closed but open for Takeaway meals

That Pizza is trading as normal. Order online and payment via eftpos, delivery option is preferred. Check out or call them on 03 5881 8480.

Deniliquin Toyota, Rural Ford and Deniliquin Hyundai Sales, Service and Parts open as normal with trading hours of Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm and Saturday morning 9am to 12pm. Pop in and see their staff for all your motoring needs.

Purtills Petroleum is business as usual but they encourage all customers to contact them via phone or email where possible on 1300 819 000 or

McDonalds – Open for Takeaway

Subway – Open for Takeaway

Bimbella Beef – Open including Drive Thru

Deniliquin Stadium – Closed

IGA – Open

Coles – Open

Riverina Cellars – Open

White Lion – Open for Takeaway and Delivery
Edward River Hotel – Phone Order
Globe Hotel – Open for Takeaway and Delivery

Coach House Hotel is open for take away and free delivery.
Lunch 12-2pm Tuesday to Saturday
Dinner 6pm -8:30pm Monday to Saturday (looking at opening Sunday’s)
Bottle shop open all meal trading times
Online ordering coming soon until then call 5881 1011

Elders Insurance Deniliquin & Rich River shop-front is closed, however they are operating as normal via phone and email and *Greenslips/CTP’s can be processed over the phone.

Bennetts Painting Service is still trading as usual until further notice.

Bowling Club – Open for Takeaway (Chinese food)

Cafe Bakery 285 – Open for Takeaway

Brontes Gourmet are open for takeaway and you can order from them by calling 03 5881 5794.

Devour – Open for Takeaway
Scoop n Brew – Closed
Red Rose Diner – Open
Black Cat Cafe – Open for Takeaway

Smoko Shak is open 7.30 to 3pm Monday to Friday and offer homestyle meals & full grill/ burger menu. Phone orders can be made on 03 58818678

Nutrien Ag Solutions, Landmark and Rodwells are still trading merchandise and fertilizer with a skeleton staff with Agros and stockies all working in the field and are contactable by mobile.

Josh’s Bakehouse – Open
Deniliquin Bakery – Open

Laughing Chicken – Open for Takeaway and Delivery (Free Delivery)

Infused Restaurant will be open from Friday 3rd April buy one main meal get one free until this is over, Takeaway and home delivery also delivery to trucks
0457 480 042

Deni InfoTech Solutions are still open for all your InfoTech needs.

Big River are a phone call away on 03 58811755, Office Appointments by Prior Appointment and Inspections still available under certain criteria.

Eric Sim Pharmacy – Open (delivery from 4pm Monday to Friday)

McLean Beach Holiday Park – Closed except for permanent residents and essential travelers

Deniliquin Riverside Caravan Park – Closed except for essential travelers

Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic – Open but with new procedures

Deni Tyre Service is Business as usual, call them on 5881 2261.

Party, Pack & Wrap – Delivery service

Roundabout Tyre and Auto are still business as normal.

Deniliquin Newsagency & Bookstore – Open (also offers delivery)

Deniliquin Travel Centre – Phone appointment only (March 24).

Soul Pattinson Chemist – Open (also offers delivery)

Motiv8 Health & Fitness Centre – Closed

Deniliquin Salvation Army – Closed

Brian McCleary & Co Accountants – Open but done remotely or through phone, email, Zoom and Skype

Rotary Club of Deniliquin – Suspended

Deni Theatre Company – Closed

Evolve Fitness + Wellbeing are closed to 24/7 Gym and group fitness classes but Online / Virtual classes are coming soon, follow them on Instagram & Facebook to stay moving & motivated in this tricky time!

Evolution of Deniliquin Schools (2002-18)

We take a look at how the schools have looked between 2002 and 2018.


Below is DNPS from 2002, it has two basketball courts, the building known as ‘The Cage’, Library, two demountables, shelter for assembly, shelter before the oval and the bus stop shelter.


DNPS in 2018 is different as there are two new buildings in place, one less basketball court, no Cage and no library building.

Solar panels have also been added to one of the original buildings.



Below is Deniliquin High School in 2002, there’s a tree in front of the MFR and the Basketball courts are not in great condition.


By 2018, the tree in front of the MFR is gone, there’s shelter in the main quad and in the other quads too, some trees have been removed from the Year 11 section (bottom left).

The Basketball courts are also in better shape as they are easily identifiable compared to 2002.


Deniliquin Christian School

DCS in 2005 was a very small school but it has had a lot of expansion between then and 2018.


DCS has added several new additions from buildings to shelters between 2005 and 2018.


South School

South School had minimal changes between 2005 and 2018


By 2018, South School had a water tank and a gardening area, an improved quad and additional buildings in place.

The school cricket pitches remain in their positions.

South 18

St Michael’s

Not a whole lot of changes have happened between 2005 and 2018 at St Michael’s

St Michael’s is the only school in town that has property on the other side of a street.

St Mic 05

Like all the other schools, additional buildings and shelters have been put in place otherwise the school will be as familiar to people as it was in 2005.

St Mic 18


There has been a couple of changes to Edward between 2005 and 2018

Edward 05

Additional buildings are now in place which is in line with the expansion of all the local schools.


The 21st Century has been good to local students with the array of new buildings or improvements to old ones.

DHS has a new fence

February 5 2020

The new school year is underway and Deniliquin High students would of noticed one big change to the school and that is the new fence that marks the perimeter of the sixty-six year old school.


Gone is that low fence that generations of students could easily sit on and in its place is a big, black coloured fence that you would need a pole vault to get over and you wouldn’t want to stop at the top either.


This fence is similar to the ones you see in places like Queensland and while it doesn’t look that pretty, it would help protect the school from those who would want to wreck it during after school hours.

Update: There are also gates installed at the school for those wondering about the gaps seen in the above pictures.


Australia Day

January 26 2019

Today is Australia Day and there is mixed thoughts on the day, some love it and some don’t because of past history and actions that go on to this day.

Perhaps the day should be moved but would people be satisfied with the new date? would the same protests erupt every year?

Perhaps we should scrap Australia Day and make a new non race related holiday in say February so the holiday balance is still intact.

Perhaps January 26 should be a short First Contact day, marking the anniversary of the first official meeting between races, a day to lament that things that may of started promising went so wrong between the two and a pledge to improve ourselves every year.

One thing is certain, we are all members of the human race, colour should be irrelevant unless describing somebody who we have to meet or is missing or has done a crime etc and we should only be judged by our actions and the content of our character.

Everyone should get the chance to have the same level of education, the same chance to get jobs, the same chance to get the right health care, the same chance to be free of discrimination or being at risk of bad treatment by those who uphold the laws.

All of those are a basic human rights and should be given to all human beings on this planet regardless of their colour or creed.

Our education also has to be changed to expand on the history of the continent as Australia did not exist before 1901 and the continent was made up of many Aboriginal nations and each has its own story, there is room to learn about them.

Regardless of what date Australia Day sits on, please help your fellow human beings, don’t judge them or degrade them by their skin colour, let’s do better without prodding.

3A from 1955

January 1 2020

Several years ago, a school photo was put up on eBay for auction and it was purchased as it was part of Deniliquin history.

For several years the photo sat around in a tin box, it was a photo of a class 3A from 1955 and there were 43 members of the class.

Eventually it was found out that the class was from George Street, a school that existed in Deniliquin until 1972 and the main building survives today as the Peppin Heritage Centre.

The Deniliquin & District Historical Society has a copy of the class photo online (see below) but that photo is darker and is labelled.

As you’ll see in the comments on the D&DHS photo, comments were left identifying many of the members of the class including the teacher who is not pictured.

It looks like everyone fitted in nicely in the picture except for the far right of the row second from the bottom as it looks a little crowded.

Deniliquin 3A.jpg
Any member of 3A can have this picture to keep by saving themselves a copy and may it be enjoyed by them and their families.