The North Tennis Courts

September 24 2020

Up until very recently, those viewing Deniliquin on Google Earth would of seen the North Tennis Courts from the image taken in 2018 as Google takes a while to present new images of places (street view is even slower).

Now a new 2020 image has been taken of the town and the courts are gone as they are now just remaining in history books and old Google Earth images from 2002 to 2018.

Those who used the courts battled for the facility to survive for a number of years but progress dictated that the space is going to be something new and exciting for the town, at least we certainly hope that is the case.

North School used to use the courts and Edward River Oval for sport and carnivals and now with the courts gone and the oval soon to follow suit, something unique will disappear as DNPS had the two all to themselves for several decades.

Hopefully the game of tennis does not die off in Deniliquin as there are still plenty of grass courts left, it is a fun game once you get the hang of it though it is best played in winter or spring as summer play is mighty uncomfortable.

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