Australia Day

January 26 2019

Today is Australia Day and there is mixed thoughts on the day, some love it and some don’t because of past history and actions that go on to this day.

Perhaps the day should be moved but would people be satisfied with the new date? would the same protests erupt every year?

Perhaps we should scrap Australia Day and make a new non race related holiday in say February so the holiday balance is still intact.

Perhaps January 26 should be a short First Contact day, marking the anniversary of the first official meeting between races, a day to lament that things that may of started promising went so wrong between the two and a pledge to improve ourselves every year.

One thing is certain, we are all members of the human race, colour should be irrelevant unless describing somebody who we have to meet or is missing or has done a crime etc and we should only be judged by our actions and the content of our character.

Everyone should get the chance to have the same level of education, the same chance to get jobs, the same chance to get the right health care, the same chance to be free of discrimination or being at risk of bad treatment by those who uphold the laws.

All of those are a basic human rights and should be given to all human beings on this planet regardless of their colour or creed.

Our education also has to be changed to expand on the history of the continent as Australia did not exist before 1901 and the continent was made up of many Aboriginal nations and each has its own story, there is room to learn about them.

Regardless of what date Australia Day sits on, please help your fellow human beings, don’t judge them or degrade them by their skin colour, let’s do better without prodding.

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