3A from 1955

January 1 2020

Several years ago, a school photo was put up on eBay for auction and it was purchased as it was part of Deniliquin history.

For several years the photo sat around in a tin box, it was a photo of a class 3A from 1955 and there were 43 members of the class.

Eventually it was found out that the class was from George Street, a school that existed in Deniliquin until 1972 and the main building survives today as the Peppin Heritage Centre.

The Deniliquin & District Historical Society has a copy of the class photo online (see below) but that photo is darker and is labelled.

As you’ll see in the comments on the D&DHS photo, comments were left identifying many of the members of the class including the teacher who is not pictured.

It looks like everyone fitted in nicely in the picture except for the far right of the row second from the bottom as it looks a little crowded.

Deniliquin 3A.jpg
Any member of 3A can have this picture to keep by saving themselves a copy and may it be enjoyed by them and their families.

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